Glück Toothbrush Robot Workshop

Following on from the previous blog post today I attended a Glück workshop run by Deborah that taught young children how to make their own miniature robots from toothbrush heads.

The workshop took place at Der Malfisch, which is a cafe, play and art space for young children.



Play space



IMG_1709Art space

The design for the toothbrush robots was relatively simple but still fiddly. Deborah explained the process by projecting a video of the process onto the art space wall.

The children needed to fix a red wire from a motor to the top of the toothbrush heads, place a battery on top and then add a black wire on top of that.  This made the motor vibrate and move the toothbrush robot. The wires were held in place by tape that made them very sensitive. Part of the process was for children to understand how the circuit was made and thus be able to repair their own robots.


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